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While this review is written with that backdrop in mind, my focus nonetheless remains on the success of the present work in achieving its primary aims as a reference grammar for its intended audiences—Ute speakers, learners, and teachers, as well as linguists p. It is a very dense and thorough description, detailing the structure of the language in twenty chapters. Readers will no doubt differ in opinion as to which elements of this work belong in a reference grammar and which do not.

I begin with a brief overview and survey of chapter highlights, with minor points of critique, before proceeding with the broader critical evaluation of this important work.

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The chapter also outlines the structure of the description that follows, its intended audiences, and the nature of the data used to support the description. Moreover, Kawaiisu is treated as if it were a dialect on a par with Chemehuevi, Southern Paiute, and Ute, as opposed to being treated as a Southern Numic language distinct from what is referred to by some as Colorado River Numic Miller, Elzinga, and Mclaughlin Chapter 2 introduces the interesting sound system of Ute, along with a rationale for the orthography used to represent it.

Ute has five vowel and thirteen consonant phonemes, and the chapter functions, in large part, as a guide to their pronunciation.

The analysis of allophonic variation between a mid front rounded vowel o , in the orthography and mid back rounded o is unusual, as the Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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Victoria Rau A corpus-based analysis of word order variation in Yami relative clause construction. In The Diachrony of Grammar ,. Beyond structuralism. In The Story of Zero ,.

In On Understanding Grammar ,. Hill, Jane H. In Switch Reference 2. Jacques, Guillaume Phonetics of Southern Ute vowels.

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McKenzie, Andrew Agent-defocusing constructions from nominalized VPs. In Grammatical Voice ,. Linguistics Languages of North America. Chapter 2. Sound system and orthography.

Chapter 3. Word classes and word structure. Chapter 5. The diachrony of Ute case-marking. Chapter 6. Tense, aspect, modality and negation. Chapter 7.

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Noun phrases-I: Referential coherence. Chapter 8. Noun phrases-II: Larger noun modifiers.