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Tor also cites bloggers, business executives, IT professionals and law enforcement officers as key users, with the latter including police needing to mask their IP addresses when working undercover online, or investigating "questionable web sites and services".

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For more mainstream users, it could mean running Tor so that your children's location can't be identified when they are online, or could mean a political activist in China, Russia or Syria could protect their identity. After the NSA surveillance revelations in , a new wave of users joined the service. Between 19 August and 27 August alone the number of people using Tor more than doubled to 2. It has since slipped back to just over 4 million. The cloak of anonymity provided by Tor makes it an attractive and powerful for criminals.

Tor can mask users' identities, but also host their websites via its "hidden services" capabilities, which mean sites can only be accessed by people on the Tor network.

Cover of darkness

This is the so-called "dark web" element, and it's not unusual to see Tor pop up in stories about a range of criminal sites. In August, a service provider called Freedom Hosting went offline after the FBI sought the extradition of a year-old Irish man for charges relating to distributing and promoting child abuse material online. Underground illegal-drugs marketplace Silk Road, which was shut down in early October , was another hidden site only accessible through Tor, as was another store called Black Market Reloaded which has been accused of facilitating illegal arms dealing as well as drug purchases.

Sites such as these are why Tor was recently described by British MP Julian Smith as "the black internet where child pornography, drug trafficking and arms trading take place" during a parliamentary debate on the intelligence and security services.

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Smith went on to criticise the Guardian for reporting in detail on the claims that the NSA had been trying to crack Tor's security, suggesting that "many people in the police world feel will cause major issues in terms of picking up people engaged in organised crime". In the past, the team behind Tor has responded to exactly this question, denying that the anonymity tool is an obstacle to police investigating criminal activities.

However, the criminals already have all the privacy they could ever need, because they're willing to break the laws: they're willing to steal identities, they're willing to hack into machines, they're willing to run botnets. Humans make mistakes, they do silly things, trust the wrong things, and that's how they've caught nearly everyone who uses Tor as part of their illegal schemes. If someone believes in good faith that a Lulu Account Holder has infringed their copyright, they can request that we take down the infringing material by filing a DMCA Notice.

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    Deep Web, Dark Net, Tor. It is something that many people assume does not exist, or they are afraid to access it and even talk about it.

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    • But the truth be told, many upright, law-abiding citizens visit the Deep Web daily. They do so to keep hidden and to discover information that would never be found in the simple search engines we plod through daily.

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      MGMT Internet privacy is a thing of the past. In todays day and age if you are using a computer or device that is connected to the internet you do not have any privacy. It is an unfortunate, but definite fact.