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Battle of The Bulge

It was the worst winter they had in the Ardennes. So many soldiers had frostbitten feet and hands, and I came down with that after about a month. After I got out of the hospital with frostbite, I stayed in Europe. I was with a replacement depot in France and then we were assigned to be part of the Quartermaster Graves Registration Company. About 16 guys in each outfit would be sent to different cities in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

We were going to get letters in each of these towns from farmers who had American soldiers buried on their properties, and we were supposed to come take them away. We would bring the bodies to a medic to check them out.

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One guy had no face and we wondered what he would have looked like. A few weeks later, the Stars and Stripes newspaper showed a picture of the man who had been a prisoner of war and was killed in France , and we got to see what he had looked like. About a month later, in December , General Patton was killed in an automobile accident he died of injuries sustained in the accident 12 days later in Mannheim and he was sent to Hamm Cemetery near Luxembourg City.


Lead Like Patton At Bastogne

It was such a beautiful place with row after row of graves, and Patton was buried there. But Mrs. So eight other men and I were in charge of removing Patton from the grave and putting him in a locked toolshed for a night. The next day, he was buried in a new casket and everyone was there for the burial ceremony. Digital access or digital and print delivery.

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In late , Adolf Hitler, still recovering from the shock of a failed attempt on his life and the setback of the Allied landings at Normandy, decided to make one last desperate push against his enemies. It was a bold move, aiming to catch the complacent Allies unaware by driving toward the port of Antwerp through the Ardennes.

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Total victory was no longer in the cards for Germany, but Hitler believed that if he could split the British and U. Allied intelligence had not taken the prospect of a final German push seriously enough, and so German forces initially achieved surprise and made progress. But the Germans lacked the capacity to sustain a long campaign, and their effort to do so left the German army exhausted, outnumbered, and outgunned—so depleted that there was little left for the actual defense of Germany in the following months.

The German offensive came to be known as the Battle of the Bulge because of the shape of the German advance.

The Battle of the Bulge

To mark its 70th anniversary, a number of books have been published that seek to capture its drama and intensity. Caddick-Adams leaves nothing out, and the details can be overwhelming. Caddick-Adams explores the challenges faced by commanders on both sides.

Patton 360 Episode 9 (Battle of the Bulge) Part 1/3

The Allies had to regroup mentally in response to an unexpected challenge; German generals demonstrated professional skill even in a situation they knew to be hopeless. Some 40 days of wintry conditions, fatigue, and bloodletting make for grim reading. The episode that stands out is the siege of the small Belgian town of Bastogne. If the Germans had moved more quickly, the town would have been theirs.

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