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Association had advanced with their project for a highway linking Los Angeles and New York. It was aligned along Foothill Blvd. Only Glendora and Claremont figure in this map.

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In , the N. Highway La Verne originated as Lordsburg during the land boom. In the Santa Fe Railway induced new settlers to come to the region, among them a group of Dunkards who later bought the hotel and founded Lordsburg College. In , when the town changed its name to La Verne, the college did likewise. It is a co-educational institution with an enrollment of The s Caltrans road map shows Route 66 running west from Claremont across a non-incorporated area Pomona was to the south, along state highway 71 and into La Verne, crossing its northern part.

Then it ran north of San Dimas and reached Glendora. They were all separate towns at that time surrounded by open rural areas. In it he pointed out that the towns in this area " It was a farming community citrus for many years, named the "Heart of the Orange Empire" and it did not have any motels recommended by the AAA during the s and 50s.

Then after World War II, citrus farming declined and the groves were uprooted for development and subdivision. It is still a college town community. During the s, the LA freeway system grew and diverted traffic away from Route 66 which was replaced here in by I; traffic along Foothill Blvd. The weather in La Verne is warm Mediterranean Continental Mediterranean climate , which is semi-arid, it has hot and dry summers with cool - chilly winters.

The town has on average, sunny days per year and the strong dry - hot Santa Ana wind blows through Cajon Pass during autumn fall drying out the area and increasing the risk of wildfires the foothill communities. Rainfall averages As La Verne is located right next to the Pacific Ocean, beyond the Rocky Montains western limit for tornados so there is no risk of tornados there.

Long Beach in Vintage Postcards (CA) (Postcard History Series)

Tornado Risk : read more about Tornado Risk along Route They are all freeways. See the alignment of US 66 in La Verne on our California Route 66 Map , it has the complete alignment across the state with all the towns along it. Route 66 does not have any Byway or Historic designation in California despite the survival of long sections of original roadbed between Needles and Santa Monica. Click Here for an overview of Route 66 across the state of California. Below you will find detailed information on Old Route 66 in La Verne.

D's Diner. The view, towards the north is great, you can see the San Gabriel Mountains and the outstanding peak of Mount Baldy actually Mount San Antonio which is the highest point of the San Gabriel Mountains, elevation: 10, ft. These mountains are covered in snow during winter.

Lordsburg and La Verne in Southern California

In the late s, the Wilsons served food to their farm workers and they turned it into a business by buildind a larger place for the guests. That building still stands, modfied, till this day: Wilson's Sandwich Shop. As it faced Route 66, soon drivers along that highway began to pull in to eat.

So it added steaks and other specialties. After the Wilsons died in the early s the restaurant closed. Wilsons, whose sign announced "Wilson's Sandwich Shop - Dinners - Steaks" had a long building with a gabled Spanish tile roof with an overhang over the front, facing Route 66, providing shade to the guests. It promoted itself in the postcard below as "Steaks - chicken - rainbow trout and regular dinners":.

As you can see comparing it with the image below, the place is still there, though somewhat changed in its appearance:. It was reborn in as the La Paloma , a Mexican restaurant opened by Joe Parker, and is still run by the Parker family.

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Don't miss its Route 66 sign, a classic with geometric shapes and colors plus neon letters. A real s icon. By the way, the name is Spanish, and means "Dove" and you will see one depicted in the sign, on top of the Mexican hat. Drive 0.

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This "vintage" McDonald's from the early s has the peculiar Golden Arches design incorporated as two real arches into the building's structure. In the McDonald brothers Richard and Maurice decided to create an eye-catching building for their restaurant chain and believed that an arch would make it stand out.

So they hired Stanley Clark Meston, an architect from Fontana to design it. Meston came up with the well known yellow arches, now classic, the "Golden Arches". They were two stylized yellow parabolic arches which stood 25 ft. The "golden arches" had been born.

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  6. They were immediately included in the design of the new restaurants opened after May But after the early s, the arches were eliminated from buildings, and incorporated into the logo, as part of the two arches that form the "M" of McDonald's. Continue west for 0.

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    Only 0. Map with directions. On the left side of the road you will see The Charles E. See Street View. Now head into the Old Town it is a short 2. This is the map of the 1. Don't miss D Street, with its quaint shops see the photo above showing the downtown in the s and today. Queen Anne style houses on E St. As you head back to Route 66, take D Street and visit the location of a classic movie scene:. The wedding scene , which ends the film "The Grauate" were shot in La Verne - though in the film it is supposedly Santa Barbara.

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