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Petroleum Geology: Reservoir rock properties & Trapping

Volume 48 Volume 47 Volume 46 Issue 2 December , Page Issue 1 June , Page Volume 45 Volume 44 Volume 43 Zareenejad, M. Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering , 46 1 , Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering , 46, 1, , Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering , ; 46 1 : On the other hand well test could be expensive and in some operational conditions shutting the well to obtain reservoir parameters is almost impossible.

A useful and applicable procedure is also introduced to correct the initial production data when they do not have necessary conditions. To end the day, attendees will participate in the third workshop over the simulation of a single matrix block with a comparison with dual porosity ECLIPSE.

Fundamentals of Fractured Reservoir Engineering (Volume 12)

On this day participants will learn about diffusion and the discretized matrix model. Other topics that will be discussed include the alternate gravity drainage model and grid generation in fractured reservoirs. The last day of this course will focus on simulations of fractured reservoirs with a compositional simulator and of a triple porosity system. Workshop five will also be on this day and will be over the sensitivity study of oil displacement from a fractured reservoir and the Quarter-Five-Spot Model.

International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology

The day will end with the sixth workshop over developing a dual porosity E data set, sensitivity study, and comparison with single porosity. In compliance with European Union EU legislation for visitors from the EU, NExT requests your permission to place cookies on your computer to both improve your experience and to help us improve our website.

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Click below to be alerted when scheduled. Client Testimonials. Hoteit has conducted research in different areas such as modeling multi-phase flow in naturally fractured reservoirs, modeling molecular diffusion and gas-oil interaction in fractured reservoirs, unconventional plays, improved SAGD, thermodynamic phase behavior, wax deposition in pipelines and other area related to discretization methods and gridding. Home Technical Programme Keynote Speakers. Call for papers.

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