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Desert Rogues: The Secret Bride. Dream Wedding. Anna DePalo. The Christmas Wedding Ring. Unexpectedly Expecting! Summer Days. Fool's Gold 2. Liz Sutton , Ethan Hendrix. Fool's Gold, California , United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Almost Perfect , please sign up.

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Jul 14, Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , wtf-was-that-total-disappointment , contemporary-romance. I liked everything about this story but the hero Ethan. He was a stupid, asshat, douchebag, and treated the woman he suppose to love who is also the mother of his child like shit. Not just in the beginning but til the very last page. So sorry I'm not sorry, but I don't give a shit he says he sorry. He is sorry alright a sorry ass selfish POS. I would have given the book a 5 star rating had he ended up alone and she married someone else. He has to be one of the top 5 worst heroes I have ever read!

View all 60 comments. Aug 10, boogenhagen rated it did not like it. Yet another POS H and incredibly wimpy throwrug h. Sadly she is so pathetic she just sucks up the abuse. In a strange kinda way, they probably do belong together, but I was looking for a romance not a tragedy.

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The only thing missing was the dramatic throwing herself in front of a train. Frankly I kinda think it happened that way after the book closed, cause srsly, who could like or live with the utter and complete ass the Zero Hero was, I figured 6 months later she OD'd on valium just to get aw Yet another POS H and incredibly wimpy throwrug h.

Frankly I kinda think it happened that way after the book closed, cause srsly, who could like or live with the utter and complete ass the Zero Hero was, I figured 6 months later she OD'd on valium just to get away from him. View all 17 comments. Nov 02, Tracie rated it did not like it. So I've started listening to this and I'm not sure I'll even finish it. It's not the reader, who seems adequate, it's the story. Before the end of the first CD I just wanted to gag. Would someone tell me how on earth anyone can like Ethan and consider him the romantic interest in this Why on earth would anyone want him.

And his mother! All self-righteous. Why didn't she knock him upside the head and tell him off for his behavior. And what was with the main character Ok. And what was with the main character can't remember her name right now? She KNOWS that Ethan is to blame for most of what happened, but by the end of the first disc she's willing to shoulder most of the blame. She's a teen and he's in college when he seduces her, then publicly humiliates her. She leaves town, finds out she's pregnant, and goes back to tell him, finds him in bed with someone else which, according to him doesn't matter because he was young, doesn't really remember anymore, is she really going to hold something that happened so long ago against him But he isn't in town.

His wife who you soon find out he married because--yes, he got her pregnant doesn't tell him, but apparently writes a letter as if it is from him. But that's not suppose to matter either. Instead you get to listen to him constantly excusing himself and blaming her. And she seems to spend a lot of time pretty much buying into accepting the blame. And she's suppose to end up wanting the jerk?!? View all 5 comments. May 29, Rashika is tired rated it did not like it Shelves: icky-romance , torture , chick-lit , why-did-i-read-it , read , wimpy-or-i-no-like-mcs.

Note: I don't mean to sound like a troll or anything. Also if you are uncomfortable with swear words.. This is not what I was looking for. This was horrible. I wanna crawl into my bed and cry. It was that bad. The hero is an asshole.. Through out Note: I don't mean to sound like a troll or anything. Through out most of the book he is trying to make the female lead's life miserable and still claims to love her.

You my sir are indeed an asshole. Please take you're shit some where else and oh get over yourself while you're at it. If I were a real life character in this book there is nothing I would love more than running a truck over this guy. The female likes getting walked over. She might as well get run over by something while she's at it. Oh so she is a single mother etc etc she's strong as hell.

She is ridiculous.

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She let's people's opinions define her, she never stands up for herself and is weak as fuck. I don't hate kids in a book. You just cannot because they tend to be cute but in this case? They sucked. They were selfish as hell! Oh Tyler's actions would have made sense were he 8 but he was 11! And her nieces? Oh dear god here this woman left everything and came as soon as possible and you start tantrums about not moving back with her.

I am going to drown in a sea of self loathing.. View all 6 comments. I never believed the hero loved the heroine from start to finish. And God, there were WAY too many kids in this book. Everyone is either arguing about kids, for kids or with kids. Apr 21, Under the pages rated it liked it. Until she found out she was pregnant with his kid. View 2 comments. May 02, jenjn79 rated it it was amazing Recommended to jenjn79 by: continuation of a series. Shelves: author-susan-mallery , info-full , genre-romance-drama , published , reviewed , stars , , series-fools-gold.

Rating: 4. Mallery has hooked me completely. I wish we didn't have nearly two months to read the last book in the series. Series Note: I'd recommend reading the series in order. Lots of continuity going on. Summary: Back when they were teens, town golden boy Ethan Hendrix and poor-girl-with-an-unwarranted-bad-reputation Liz Sutton had a classic secret romance. But then Ethan trashed Liz to his friends to save face and she ran away. Only to find three weeks later sh Rating: 4.

Only to find three weeks later she was pregnant. After two tries at telling Ethan, Liz gives up and moves on with her life and becomes a successful mystery novelist. Then an emergency sends her running back to Fool's Gold and smack into Ethan. Who learns that he now has an eleven year old son. Ethan is shocked and furious that Liz never told him before. He blames her entirely and demands to be a part of his sons life.

He wants Liz to move back to Fool's Gold so he can always his son around. But for Liz, Fool's Gold is a reminder of how she grew up and everything she hates. Then there's Ethan. He still sets her heart on fire. So what in the world is she going to do? Review: There's something about this series and the way Mallery is writing it that just really appeals to me. This book and the first one sucked me in from page one and kept me reading. I always love it when I'm reading a book and have no idea what page I'm on because I'm so engrossed in the story and that's what happened with these first two books in the Fool's Gold series.

I'm not sure I can explain why I loved this book.

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It wasn't any one thing, any specific aspect. It was the book as a whole - the small town setting, the characters, the emotion, the growing and changing, the secondary story aspects If I had to limit it down to two favorite things, though, I think one would be the town as a whole and all the people interactions. You get to meet and learn about a lot of characters. Liz the heroine reconnects with old friends, and makes some surprising new ones. Other characters go through stuff.

One character passes away. I loved reading about the growth and change of the people, and the events of the town. And then there's Liz. She was a fantastic character. She from nothing She took off a made a great life for herself. Then she had to go back to Fool's Gold and make peace with everything. I just thought she was a really strong character and I loved the way Mallery wrote her. I don't always like stories that feature kids, but it worked for this book and I didn't mind it.

And I also don't always like hidden pregnancy stories. Often because the woman had dumb reasons for not telling, making me dislike her. But in this book, I completely sided with Liz. Ethan was the one who ticked me off. As for Ethan and the romance, that was the main area I thought the book could have been better.

Ethan pissed me off a lot. Sure he had a right to be mad about learning her had an eleven year old son, but he was too self-righteous, too judgmental. I wanted to smack him more than once. And the re-ignited romance between him and Liz was so-so. For most of the book things are very acrimonious between them.

I would have liked to have seen things smooth out sooner for them and more time spent on rebuilding their relationship. But the way it went by far didn't ruin the book. It just made the romance not quite as good as it could have been. There were a few other small things I would have liked to have seen be done different or improved on. One was Ethan and Josh's friendship. In book 1 featuring Josh , the two repair their long-estranged friendship and it hardly gets a mention in this book.

Some more continuity there would have been nice. And second, Ethan's late wife plays a fairly big role in this book, and yet it's never mentioned how exactly she died. I think it might have been in book 1, but in this one you just learn she died in Ethan's arms and I kept thinking HOW?! It was a detail that kinda slipped through the cracks. But again, they're minor things because really, I loved this book.

Would have given it five stars except for those few things above. I can't wait to read more about Fool's Gold I believe next up is a novella featuring Raoul Moreno, a transplant from the Bakery Sisters series. Sep 21, willaful rated it liked it Shelves: bickerfest , a-matter-of-class , heroes-behaving-badly , ping-pong-conversations. The same road, the same words, the same feelings.

I wondered if the formula would work again, or if it would feel too much like a rerun. Well, it was a bit too familiar at times--but a much bigger problem is that it feels like a rerun of itself. We see almost nothing about how Ethan really felt towards Liz when she left so many years ago--no anguish, no remorse, no sense of loss. Like the previous book in this series, this one overall seemed lacking in intensity and passion. Which, considering how much anger is in it, just doesn't seem right. Writer and mother Liz is also a strong character, though tends to be too meek when being badmouthed by strangers.

She explains all the time--too often--but she rarely fights back. Mar 25, Julie rated it did not like it. Seriously, people need to get over the whole moving back to San Francisco. Liz lives there. Tyler's whole life is there. Liz can't just pick up and move. Ethan pisses me off regarding that- thinking he has the rights to demand that Liz stay in Fool's Gold.

Why doesn't he move to San Francisco instead? After all, he'd be the only one changing lifestyle compared to Liz and Tyler. Ethan and his mom need to get over missing out on Tyler's life because seriously? Liz will go back to SF without you and you can stay at a foster care in Fool's Gold. The romance is horrible. I can't forgive Ethan for betraying Liz like that.

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His sorry excuse of an apology for confessing his love for her, bedding her, and then telling her she's worth nothing to his friends was sickening. He should have needed to grovel a hell of a lot more. Also, I felt like Susan Mallory just kind of closed her eyes and chose a random scene to squish some "sexual tension" in, which very awkward. Ethan and Liz are walking out of court, both are angry with each other. Liz had just been betrayed by Ethan for the thousandth time.

All of a sudden Ethan grabs her and they share a "passionate" kiss and then they both turn away and leave. What a horribly lacking book. I'm disappointed, Susan. I expected a lot more from you. Why is it so hard to find a good small town second chance book now a days? Jan 25, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: susan-mallery. I am really enjoying this series and I truly loved this story more than the first one and I really loved the first one.

Susan Mallery has now become my newest auto buy author and I'm excited to read all of her previous books. She was picked on in school and because her mother was a drunk and a prostitute, everyone assumed the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Liz was in love with Ethan Hendrix but she over hears him telling his friends that he barely knows her and wouldn't be caught dead with her. Little do his friends know that she gave up her virginity for Ethan.

Liz is beyond wrecked and leaves Fools Gold as fast as she can. She soon finds out that she is pregnant and goes back to Fools Gold to tell Ethan. Imagine how she feels when she walks in on him and another girl in bed? She leaves as quickly as she can once again. Contemporary romance series set in the fictional small town of Fool's Gold, California, written over a span of 6 seasons years. Halfway There. Just One Kiss. June Fool's Gold Book. Find the complete Fools Gold book series listed in order. Great deals on one book or all books in the series.

Set within a fictional small Californian town named 'Fool's Gold', this series of novels focusing on the idyllic location comes from American author Susan Mallery.