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A solid loyalty program brings people back to your store, and it makes them feel appreciated for spending money on your company. You convince your most loyal customers to spend a little extra money, and they receive a reward for doing so.

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For example, when you schedule a month of Facebook posts, you no longer have to think about it for the rest of the month. Reach out to foreign customers by providing translation features to your online store. The folks behind SimCity are known to test out their checkout process on a consistent basis, leading to improved sales, because they know exactly what types of buttons and words convince people to buy. This helps you see where people abandon their carts or find it tough to pay you.

This has nothing to do with creating an app or mobile site. Nowadays your customers crave mobile responsiveness. Consider implementing a responsive interface so that your ecommerce website transforms for devices like tablets and smartphones. All the big tech companies are releasing wearable technology like watches and even glasses.

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How can you connect with these customers who have technology at their hands at all times? These interfaces look different than the average smartphone, so your company needs to adapt. Long form content is a nice way to standout from all the regular blog posts out there. Long form content takes lots of time, so you may need to hire someone, but it dives deep into sometimes boring topics, making them engaging and useful for the most interested users.

Social ads are interesting because you rarely have to spend a dime to test them out. For example, Facebook lets you send out as many posts as you want on your business page.

Placing a face on your company is one thing, but customers want to hear from the people who run the show. If you hire a few writers or content designers it becomes tough keeping one standard voice. Develop a guide for these people so that they know you want a voice that communicates something fun or more professional.

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Branding under one name is fine, but your site visitors like to see all of the faces and names that contribute to your blog or video channel. We talked about creating a face for your company above, but what about using a fictitious character? The Geico gecko is an ideal example since everyone associates the brand with the little green guy. A forum is the most common way to build a community on your ecommerce store, and this is because people are familiar with the format. Message boards, forums and even chat areas build your ecommerce store as an authoritative discussion platform, using a unique form of user-generated content to drive your store.

Building a personalized voice seems simple at first, but what about all of those random emails that go out to your customers? Every ecommerce store has dozens of emails that go out for confirmations, receipts, thank yous and more.

50 powerful ideas you can use to keep your customers - PDF Free Download

Use customer names, provide relevant links and even ask customers to reply to your emails for the ultimate personalization. Zappos has a reputation for fast delivery and the occasional expedited delivery for random customers. This makes people feel special. Does your company stand out in terms of delivery? Think about ways to speed up the delivery process for an easy way to stand out from competitors. Not all ecommerce marketing plans require this, but if you have a connection with a brick and mortar store you can focus on local branding and marketing. Reach out to customers near your store with geolocation tools and local search engine targeting.

Do you send out birthday or anniversary messages to your customers? What about automated messages when people sign up for your email campaigns or buy a product on your store?

50 Powerful Ideas You Can Use to Keep Your Customers, Third Edition

Free up your own time, and give your customers a reason to come back with automated email campaigns. YouTube channels are always a fun way to connect with customers, but what about putting a hard focus on how-to tutorials? If you sell something like gardening gear, customers may not know the best ways to use the stuff they buy. Videos bring them back to your store and ensure they feel right about buying from you.

The FAQ page is an area that gets lots of visits to ecommerce stores, but does it show off your company culture? Think about whether or not you want to reveal a goofy or professional culture and let it shine in the FAQs. People are more likely to click on links and read through content if it includes photos. Stray away from stock photos and consider taking your own professional photos to keep people interested in your content.

Creating a magazine or TV channel sounds like a stretch, but many companies are taking the jump to share their own original content on various different media outlets. Industry news offers powerful content ideas for you to share with your customers. Do you sell gun holsters on your ecommerce website?

Are you always creating blog posts that favor the freedom to carry guns? Customers are smart and want to hear arguments from all sides. Think about creating controversial content that will get people fired up.

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  8. One of the best ways to creep up search engine rankings and build social media shares is to completely forget about keyword optimization. Not only does this often look unnatural, but you can stand out with creative headlines and content. Pay per click marketing is extremely cheap if used properly. Run numerous campaigns, and test all of them until you find the ideal options. Reddit is a huge forum with discussion for everything from bikes to romantic fiction.

    Did you know that the platform offers advertising opportunities? Find the subreddits that cater to your industry and put this in your ecommerce marketing strategy. Hit your visitors with relevant product links, but stray away from constant upsells. VistaPrint is a good example of what not to do on your ecommerce site. Instagram is a closed community for people who love images.

    If you can take photos of your products, Instagram is perfect for sharing product previews, your items in action and user-submitted content. Implement a few of these tools to find exactly why your customers are leaving your store. You can sell your items on platforms like eBay, Amazon , Etsy , and Facebook. This book will get all managers and employees thinking about the little things that can make all the difference. If everyone in an organization improves awareness of the simple yet powerful ideas in this volume, the company can and will see dramatic improvements in service and customer loyalty.

    The impact on the bottom line will be dramatic. An active author, Dr. Paul R. Timm served as president and partner in two training companies. Under his leadership these companies conducted seminars reaching as many as people a month across the U. He now does selective independent training and consulting for organizations in the U. Convert currency.

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